Joy Lutheran Church has sent a mission team to Malawi each year for the past three years. While each team has had their own focus and purpose, our international mission is shaped by the gifts and talents that God brings together in the people that He calls to be involved. Joy has helped secure food for over 500 orphans, facilitated the construction of an outdoor kitchen, and has begun planning for construction of a new Christian boarding school. This new Christian all-girls school is a unifying long-term impactful mission activity that provides hope to those living in poverty and engages members of this congregation and community in worship, learning, witness, and service around the world!

In 2016, members from Joy Lutheran Church networked with malawian leaders at Atsikana Pa Ulendo (‘Girls on the Move’) school located in Kabuthu village. These leaders operate a successful school and have firsthand experience and lessons learned that will help us cost-effectively start our school on the right foot. Land options are being evaluated and detailed design will be initiated in the coming months.
In 2015, three families connected in Malawi to build relationships with partners who will help build the new school. The team shared the love of Christ through Bible stories, playing soccer, distribution of school supplies to 400 children and construction of a new outdoor kitchen for the Kanyenyeya community!
In 2014, five missionaries from Winnipeg travelled to Africa and explored many schools to learn what it would take to build a school in Malawi. The team shared Bible stories, played games with and fe hundreds of orphaned children. A vision was formed to build a new Christian boarding school for girls!



Joy Lutheran Church is partnering with St. Aidan’s Christian School, a school making a difference in the education of youth in the inner city of Winnipeg. The school works with students on two campuses: 

  • Aberdeen Campus (418 Aberdeen Avenue – 2nd floor of Inner City Youth Alive (ICYA) building). The Aberdeen campus is a Grade 6-10 school, emphasizing reading, writing, and math for students who grew up speaking English.
  • Hargrave Campus (440 Hargrave Street – 3rd floor of Calvary Temple). The Hargrave campus serves a student population, ages 6-21, principally new to the English language.

Members at Joy Lutheran Church have been involved with the school, over that last few years, providing financial and volunteer support in the following ways:

  • Financial support for the lunch program.
  • Volunteer lunch servers for the lunch program at the Hargrave campus.
  • Prayer for the staff and students and board of the school.
  • School supplies drive in September.
  • Sports socks for the students so they can participate in sports and physical education class.
  • Provide and serve Christmas baking, treat bags and refreshments after the annual Christmas concert 
  • School hoodies for the students at both campuses.
There is always a need for volunteers at both campuses.
 Reading to the students, having the students read to you,
volunteering at the lunch program, spending part of a day
helping a student work on math, or helping a teacher.
Contact Joy Lutheran Church if you would like to hear more
about the opportunities available at St. Aidan’s Christian School.
Visit the St Aidan’s Christian School website for more information: